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Data Management System

Data Management System, Do you manage a large or small business? Are you going crazy with your customer work order system? Maybe you have no idea how to save and storage all that precious data? Look no further, we are here to help you with the best customer data management system online.


Insert more than 1k Records

Use your Work Order System however you want, insert more than 1K of unique work order records, plus customer data on each work order. Fill it up, save, print and even send a screen capture file to anyone with your email software. Data Management System for your personal or business needs.

How Does It Work? Watch Video Please

What you get with our services?

You are able to own your professional website here, yes here on our system. You get to own and manage your new website, manage your customer work order system, blog posts, 100% customization’s, website builder, upload and share videos, and a contact form. 

A website for you included!

Yes, manage your own website here on our systems. A private work order system that only you and whoever else you need to have total access to it! A private data management service on a monthly recurring fee service.

Have more control of your data and more freedom, access your data anywhere in the world at anytime. No hidden fee’s, no more licenses, no more wasting lots of $$$.

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Your Website is included

Yes, with this plan you get a designed website from us, we maintain and protect your website with the right membership plan. Have a piece of mind, be happier, more productive and be healthier! Why healthier? less stress with your customer data, work orders and customer services.

How does it work?

Strategist your work flow. You or we setup the account, add your credit card to the membership plan and pay the first month. A monthly recurring fee every month automatically will take place. You may cancel at anytime!We create your website account and you login. We also teach you online via screen sharing how to use the work order system. Depending on the membership plan you or we create your new designed professional responsive website. Very simple! The best Data Management System for you, access it anywhere in the world, secured just for you.

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No more Web Hosting Fee’s

You will definitely save lots of money. You will not pay any web hosting fee’s on your site nor the work order system, everything is included. You will definitely save lots  of money, frustrations and hard work! We do everything for you! From start to finish.

drag and drop builders

Drag and Drop Builder

Yes, our website’s all have drag and drop builders that you can use. Very easy to create any type of website, it is 100% customization’s ready and friendly. Let us help you with a great professional website today.

Customize Everything

From header to footer, the smallest detail, to the overall UI design, you have complete control over everything.

Show your prospective clients why your software services are the right choice with clear and detailed photos. Showcase your services from online testing tools to automated site checkups.

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Contact us if you have any questions or concerns or for more info.

Exclusive Features

Mega Menu

All websites have interactive menus for your entire linking process, create your custom menu for the website of your dreams.

Image Filters

Upload and share your images with single image presentation of galleries. Unlimited ways to share and upload your images to your site.


All websites have ready built in portfolio blogs, create and share your work on your new site. Very easy to use!

Woocommerce Shop

Yes, you can sell online on your site and accept credit cards. Sell, ship and get paid! SSL certificates installed for your security!

Parallax Scrolling

You get lots of great website options here, invent and make cool things with  your website. Images creativity!


All our websites are responsive and professional created. Yes, your website will show up nicely on all different devices.

Database Systems

We can convert and create you any type of custome database for your personal or business needs.

Work Order Systems

A robust public or private work order system for your business. A very affordable plan to get you started.

Live 24/7 Access

Yes, have access to your website and data system anywhere in the world. Login and create, edit or delete records. Find a record from thousands of records. 

Website Design

You are we can create a fully responsive website here, it is included on a membership plan.

Custom Created

We can create or modify our customer work order system to fit your needs. Create a brand new system for your needs. 

Secure, Protect and Implement

We back up all your database and send it via email to your email, back ups and secure your website from intruders. Feel safe that all your data is backed up and secured.

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Our Services are the best!

The best and most affordable website and client based database systems on the web. You will not go wrong with us, we can convert your entire site to a private restrictive site. A private intranet website or a public website crawled by Yahoo, Bing and Google Bots. Let us know what you need!

Pricing Choose Your Best Plan

We are here to assist you on everything needed so your business can succeed.

Data Client Service Management $25

All support is included, we fix any issues or conflicts, 100% customized

Monthly recurring fee until cancelled. You get a full complete data management service on our platform, You must purchase a domain name in order to use your own website domain name, costs about $16 extra a year.
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Data Management & Website Design $45

All support is included, web hosting, data management system & website design

We will create your website responsive pro., data system and including web hosting services. You must purchase a domain name in order to use your own website domain name, costs about $16 extra a year.
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Pro. Plan, Data, Website & SEO $65

Everything included that are on first and second plan, plus SEO for your site

SEO is very expensive, you will save lots of money here. Your website will be optimized so customers can find you, more website traffic and leads. This is the best plan ever. You get web hosting, website and data system, get it now and save!
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Business Profits SEO With a Website & Our Services

Reduce info clutter and let us help you get the most out of your website. Spend less time on management of all your data and do the most important tasks on your daily schedule. Reducing your hard work will give you the most time to prepare and work on your sales! SEO services ins included on our best professional plan. You get a website designed by us, web hosting and SEO services, can’t beat that!

Marketing Get More Traffic, Leads & Conversions

Reduce the bottleneck found at the data streaming process. We’ll setup the ultimate software service to ensure your company is always efficient and primed for seamless collaboration and testing. Your profits will definitely go up! Yes, if you put time, money and hard work, everything is possible. Let us help you today.

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We are here to support you


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We are here for you all times!

Our professional customer service is always ready to assist you, please contact us today for any question or support!